You can  download a registration form from the registration page beginning March 1. If you would like to receive a registration form in the mail, email

How many classes can students register for?

Students may register for as many classes as they are eligible for. Each class has a separate tuition fee. If a student is registered for classes that are nonconsecutive they will need to be picked up between classes. Click here for a class schedule.

What should students bring?

Students should bring a bag lunch and a drink.  Bottled water is also recommended.  Students should also bring their instrument, a pencil, and the music provided by the institute. Students will also be outside during the day so sunscreen and sunglasses are recommended.

What should students wear?

Anything comfortable.  Tennis shoes, sunscreen, and sunglasses are recommended for recreation time.

Can students arrive early?

Yes. Students may arrive 10 minutes before their class starts and should arrive at least 5 minutes before their class begins.

My student will ride his/her bike to camp every day.  Do I need to sign a note that lets him/her do that?

Yes. We need to know who is picking up students or how they are getting home. A form will be sent home with registration confirmation.

My son/daughter wants to take the rock guitar class but does not own a guitar.  Should he/she rent a guitar?

We do have a few extra guitars that students can borrow for the duration of the institute. Please e-mail N.S.M.I. as soon as possible to reserve an instrument. Both acoustic and electric guitars are good for this class.

My son/daughter plays the upright bass. Do we need to transport it every day?

We do have some extra upright basses that students can borrow for the duration of the institute and keep on the campus.  Please e-mail N.S.M.I. as soon as possible to reserve an instrument.

Call Us: 1-415-895-6954   /   /  Sinaloa Middle School, 2045 Vineyard Rd., Novato, CA 94947, c/o: NSMI

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